Tropentag 2023

Tropentag Conference 2023 - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT and CGIAR will take part in the Tropentag conference from 20 to 22 September 2023 in Berlin, Germany, under the theme: Competing pathways for equitable food systems transformation: trade-offs and synergies.

About Tropentag 

Tropentag is an interdisciplinary conference with a development-oriented focus. It explores a wide range of topics, including resource management, environmental challenges, agriculture, forestry, livestock, nutrition, and poverty reduction.  

Transforming food systems is possible, but requires differentiated solutions tailored to national, regional, and local contexts. The objective of the conference, therefore, is to dive into a fruitful discussion on competing pathways for equitable food systems transformation, allowing participants and stakeholders to identify trade-offs and possible synergies. 

Our contributions 

The Alliance and CGIAR share with Tropentag their commitment to building sustainable food systems and enhancing food security through science-driven solutions and knowledge sharing.  

This transformation should prioritize rural development, recognizing that many small-scale farmers are at the heart of these systems.  

Innovative approaches from various regions can inform strategies for food security, sustainable agriculture, community empowerment, and poverty reduction. Drawing inspiration from global experiences, we can create inclusive food systems that benefit all while preserving ecosystems and local priorities. 

The Alliance and CGIAR will demonstrate their commitment to making a real impact on the ground and applying a systems approach that meaningfully contributes to a sustainable transformation. 

Marcela Quintero, Associate Director General of Research Strategy and Innovation at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, and CGIAR Director for Land & Environment, states

'The application of this systems approach will be a central topic during the conference. It has enabled us to strengthen our own and our partners' capabilities in demand-driven research, transforming the way we utilize agrobiodiversity, co-develop innovations, and facilitate inclusive connections between farmers and value chains, while also promoting responsible consumption and sustainable production.' 

Our scientists will share insights on addressing current global challenges, leading to more equitable and resilient food systems. Specifically, the Alliance has been supporting CGIAR’s Systems Transformation Science Group in organizing a parallel thematic session on 'Advancing a demand-driven research portfolio to improve water, land, and food systems in the Global South.' 

Marcela Quintero continues

'I am excited to have convened a CGIAR Systems Transformation side event at Tropentag. This highlights the work of CGIAR, centers, and partners in supporting the enhancement of food systems in the South.' 

During this session, Alliance’s scientists will deliver the following thought-provoking presentations:  

The Alliance staff will also participate in a series of other activities, including:




Alliance Speakers  

20 Sept, 8:30-10:00  

Main Building, Seminar room 2095 B  


Workshop 11: Mixed Farming Systems in the tropics, a CGIAR Initiative in 5 countries / Challenges and Collaboration in Laos  

Mary Atieno, Rosa Noemi Jauregui, Soytavanh Mienmany, Horst Weyerhaeuser  

20 Sept, 10:00-11:30  

Main Building, Meeting room 2070 A  


Workshop 12: Applying Gender Sensitive Breeding in Forage Systems: What lessons and methods can we learn to move forward?  

Natalia Triana Angel, Rosa Jaúregui, Stefan Burkart, Juan Andrés Cardoso, Andreas Hansen, Michael Peters  

20 Sept, 17:15-18:45  


Lecture hall 2097  


Agrobiodiversity and (agro)forestry to transform food systems    

Jai C. Rana, Sarika Mittra, Sonal Dsouza, Adam Drucker   

20 Sept, 17:30  

Fritz Reuter Hall  


Advancing a demand-driven research portfolio to improve water, land, and food systems in the Global South: CGIAR's Systems Transformation Science Group  

Marcela Quintero, Ana Maria Loboguerrero, Augusto Castro-Nunez, Jonathan Steinke  



21 Sept, 10:45-12:00  

Lecture hall 2091/92  


Sustainable Land Use, Food Systems, And Commodity Chains In Regions Of Climate Vulnerability, Deforestation, And Conflict  

Miguel Romero, Lisset Perez-Marulanda,  Elisa Villarino, Laura Krings, Augusto Castro-Nunez, Marcela Quintero, Mary Ngaiwi, Amahnui George, Janelle Sylvester  

21 Sept, 10:45-12:15  


Lecture hall 2094  


Food environment and consumer behavior for improved nutrition and health  

Irene Induli, Francis Oduor, Irmgard Jordan, Céline Termote   


21 Sept, 13:45-15:15  

Lecture hall 1.101  


The role of livestock production systems in food systems transformation  

Danny Fernando Sandoval, John Jairo Junca Paredes, Karen Enciso, Manuel Díaz, Aura Bravo, Stefan Burkart  

21 Sept, 13:45 - 15:15  

Lecture hall 2091/92  

Optimization strategies, synergies and trade-offs between sustainability, productivity and profit in farming systems  

Mary Atieno, Michael Peters   

21 Sept, 15:45-19:00  

Lecture hall 3038  

Knowledge systems and digitalization  

Jonathan Steinke, Eitzinger Anton, José Luis Urrea-Benítez, Christian Bunn 



21 Sept, 18:20-19:00 

SR 1.505 

Knowledge systems and digitalization II 


Anton Eitzinger, Christian Feil, Marius Ekue, Franci Oduor, Christopher Kettle 


21 Sept, 15:45-17:15  

Lecture hall 1.101  



Livestock and income, livelihoods and resilience  

Rein van der Hoek, Martín Mena Urbina, Danny Fernando Sandoval, Jesús Fernando Florez, Karen Enciso, Mauricio Sotelo, Stefan Burkart   


21 Sept, 18:20-19:00  

SR 1.406  

Management and biodiversity in agroforestry and tree systems II  

Sebastien Carpentier  

21 Sept, 18:20-19:00 

SR 1.506 

Food environment and consumer behavior for improved nutrition and health II 

Lan T.T Nguyen 

22 Sept, 8:30-9:30  

Lecture hall 1072  

Social Dynamics of food systems transformation  

Enoch Kikulwe, Elisabetta Gotor, Andrea Cecilia Sanchez 

Meet the Team

Céline Termote

Senior Scientist - Africa Regional Team leader Food Environment and Consumer Behavior

Chris J Kettle

Principal Scientist, Lead Tree Biodiversity for Resilient Landscapes

Aura Bravo

Research Associate, Crops for Nutrition and Health – Forages Tropical Program