Augusto Castro-Nunez

Augusto Castro-Nunez, leads Mitigate+ work package 4, which works on scaling innovations with the potential for limiting greenhouse gas emissions from food systems. He heads the Low-Emissions Food Systems research theme at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, whose mission is to develop and scale research-based solutions that contribute to transforming food and land systems into low emitters of greenhouse gases and delivering sustainable development co-benefits, especially in conflict-affected countries in the Global South.

A holder of a doctoral degree from the University of Copenhagen, Augusto is a former climate negotiator of Peru and developed the country’s national strategies for forest conservation, including REDD+. He also led the Sustainable Land Use Project funded by Germany’s International Climate Initiative whose aim was to develop context-specific, zero-deforestation business models that could be implemented at scale and contribute to efforts aimed at reducing forest loss and building peace in Colombia