Augusto Castro-Nunez

Augusto Castro-Nunez heads the Low-Emissions Food Systems research theme at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT. Its mission is to develop and scale research-based solutions that contribute to transforming food and land systems into low emitters of greenhouse gases and delivering sustainable development co-benefits, especially in conflict-affected countries in the Global South.
He leads Mitigate+ work package 4, which works on scaling innovations with the potential for limiting greenhouse gas emissions from food systems. He also leads AgriLAC Resiliente work package 3, which works on integrating climate change mitigation and sustainable development goals in agrifood systems.
A holder of a doctoral degree from the University of Copenhagen, Augusto is a former climate negotiator of Peru.
He also led the Sustainable Land Use Project funded by Germany’s International Climate Initiative whose aim was to develop context-specific, zero-deforestation business models that could be implemented at scale and contribute to efforts aimed at reducing forest loss and building peace in Colombia.

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