Driving Impact Through Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships are key to successfully delivering our 2020-2025 Strategy.  

The complexity and scope of today’s global challenges mean we cannot tackle them alone. Only through collective, integrated actions can we unlock results and deliver impact at scale, at the nexus of agriculture, the environment, and nutrition. 

Spanning UN agencies, national and local governments, private sector companies, academia, civil society organizations, multilateral agencies, international finance institutions, and social enterprises, our approach to partnerships is built on creating synergies, and leveraging the unique assets and capacities of those who share our mission and can benefit from our knowledge, innovations, and technologies in food systems and beyond. 

Through our regional hubs in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, the Alliance engages with national and regional institutions. Together, we identify and co-create context-specific solutions that are meaningful, lasting, and demand-driven. 

Our goal is to serve as an innovative and catalytic force to strengthen, diversify and grow the Alliance's capacity for resource mobilization, science, and impact delivery.  

Discover our key partnerships

The Alliance is a partners-of-choice for hundreds of organizations globally: through a range of innovative partnership arrangements and business models, we create value add with key development actors, co-investors, and clients.  

Among our key partnerships are: 

UN agencies. Through long-term partnerships with the UN, we inform global to local policy based on research findings. 

National Governments. Through our work with ministries, research institutions, extension, and advisory services, we align our research with country needs and foster innovation in key priority areas. 

Social enterprises and the private sector. Our partnerships with business innovators allow us to co-develop solutions that are profitable, sustainable, market-relevant, and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

International, Regional Financial Institutions and Banks. We promote new partnerships with financial institutions to position the Alliance as a knowledge broker and operational partner to jointly mobilize sustainable investments;    

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Spanning development organizations, local non-governmental organizations, farmers’ associations, Indigenous Peoples organizations, and women’s groups, we spearhead partnerships to co-create evidence-based, innovative solutions to enhance agriculture, empowering farmers and rural communities. 

Academia. Through a two-way approach, we both integrate our knowledge products into curricula and tap into research capacities to produce cutting-edge science. 

CGIAR. We are part of CGIAR, the world’s largest agricultural research and innovation partnership for a food-secure future, and collaborate closely with other CGIAR centers leading efforts across our entire portfolio.

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