Unlocking Research-based Solutions to Drive Change

At the Alliance, we strive to make food and agriculture systems more sustainable, efficient and inclusive, through sustainably funded science, research-based solutions and inclusive knowledge generation

Our Strategy 2020-2025 sets out how we work and accelerate impact towards tackling four interconnected global crises: biodiversity, climate, environment and nutrition.

Through our work on the ground with partners and beneficiaries, we are unlocking holistic, research-based solutions to these crises, spearheading initiatives at the nexus of agriculture, the environment and nutrition. 

What's more, our global team is committed to deliver on the promise of an aligned research agenda, while also taking into account post-COVID scenarios, which affect global priorities and needs.

Our Action Plan 2021-2023: research-based solutions, resilience, inclusion

Our Action Plan 2021-2023 sets how we put our Strategy into action, and defines overall objectives, performance targets, strategic and tactical shifts to continuously improve our performance, delivery and accountability.

A blueprint guiding us towards impact, our Action Plan is inclusive, resilient, and highly adaptable to different contexts, situations, and scenarios.

Further, it has been designed through bottom-up planning, regional dialogues to gauge external demands and needs, and top-down visioning on the direction food systems are taking

Our work in action

Our cross-cutting work on areas such as impact, gender and inclusion, programme delivery and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) enables the success of our research-based solutions globally

It also shapes our delivery, across our 6 key areas of focus: Food Environment and Consumer Behavior, Multifunctional Landscapes, Climate Action, Agrobiodiversity, Digital inclusion, Improving Crops, and Gender Inclusion.

Food Environment and Consumer behavior

We co-develop inclusive food environments that deliver safe, nutritious and affordable food anchored in locally available agrobiodiversity, towards unlocking better diets for all.

Multifunctional Landscapes

We catalyze transformational change in farms and landscapes, to keep our planet and society in a safe, operating space towards more efficient, inclusive and integrated farming systems and landscapes.

Climate Action

We develop and apply sound science to climate adaptation and mitigation via cross-cutting, interdisciplinary approaches. Producing innovation, investment, and action towards addressing the climate emergency.


We strive to integrate biodiversity into sustainable food systems and landscapes as a tool to increase both sustainability and resilience of production systems, and to improve food and nutrition security by leveraging emergent opportunities and partnerships.

Digital Inclusion

We enable the development of innovative, tech-led tools and capacities to generate inclusive digital products and services that will benefit the food systems as a whole – with a focus on reaching marginalized communities.


Through stable and high yield crops, we improve farmers market access and strengthen the value chain of each crop and commodity.

Gender and Inclusion

Through our research and work on the ground we are mainstreaming gender, and fostering equitable, socially inclusive food systems and landscapes.

Our work on crops

For decades, the Alliance has been carrying out research on crops using a whole-systems approach towards improving nutrition, productivity and farmer livelihoods while adapting to the changing global climate, markets and value chains.

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Our research is cross-disciplinary at its core, but you can start your discovery from a few central issues that drive our actions