Analytical Services Laboratory

Analytical services laboratory-Alliance Bioversity International-CIAT

The Analytical Services Lab at Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT, offers a diverse range of analytical techniques such as soils testing, plant tissue analysis, agricultural supplies, bromatological analysis, irrigation water analysis as well as specialized tests in which 100 parameters are used. The lab operates according to the NTC/IEC 17025 normative and actively participates on the WEPAL programs (Wageningen Evaluating Programmes for Analytical Laboratories) in Holland.

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Greenhouse Gas Laboratory

The Greenhouse Gas Lab provides expert analysis on soils gas emissions from different agricultural practices. It also offers methodological implementation advice depending on the systems aim to be evaluated as well as a wide range of chemical analysis. It operates under International Quality Standards such as NTC ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (Quality Management System).

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Virology Lab

Plant pests and pathogens can wipe out farmers’ hard work and cause significant losses to yields and incomes, posing a major threat to food and nutrition security of millions at a time. The lab integrate different approaches and digital open tools to understand, detect and keep track of the occurrence of transboundary pests and pathogens worldwide.

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