A Unified Strategy to Solve Global Crises, Turning Food Systems Around

What we see today is the crest of a wave of inequality, deepening crises that were putting the wellbeing of people and the planet at stake long before the COVID-19 pandemic: climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, and malnutrition.  

Our Strategy 2020-2025 sets out how we develop solutions to these crises, working in a unique way at the nexus of agriculture, the environment, and nutrition. 

A whole-of-system approach to food systems

Food systems lay at the core of these four, interconnected global issues. Pivoting towards better, more resilient, and more sustainable practices, is possible if we address food systems as a whole, from agricultural production to consumer behavior. 

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT is uniquely well placed to lead on this and turn food and agriculture systems around.  

Driving tangible, scalable change

Designed since its outset for impact at scale from local to global levels, our Strategy for 2020-25 builds towards the ambition of:  

  1. Secure, diverse, nutritious foods 

  1. Inclusive, innovative, diversified agri-food markets  

  1. Productive and resilient landscapes 

  1. Shared, collective use and safeguard of agricultural biodiversity 

Combining the entire wealth of our experience—from genebanks to climate-smart and digital agriculture, participatory research, and nutrition—the Strategy informs our leadership and actions, ensuring our work delivers tangible actionable results. 

Our research and work 

Food Environment & Consumer Behavior

Multifunctional Landscapes

Climate Action 


Digital Inclusion

Improving Crops

Gender Inclusion

Our integrated, holistic interventions across these pressure points trigger multiplier effects for positive change.  

Integrated solutions to help people and the planet

The Alliance fosters a dynamic, integrated vision on agriculture, addressing the food system as a whole, and accelerating impact towards a food and nutrition secure future that protects and enhances humans and nature. 

Our science-based, results-oriented approach, also builds on new and existing partnerships, by catalyzing shared solutions; activating internal networking and knowledge sharing opportunities; and rolling out new business models with investors, the private sector, and disruptive innovators. 

Working in regional and localized contexts, we are bringing tangible benefits to the agricultural landscapes and the livelihoods of millions of families. 


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