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For decades, the Alliance has been carrying out research on numerous crops, using a whole-systems approach to improve nutrition, productivity and farmers' livelihoods while adapting to the changing global climate, markets and value chains.

In collaboration with our partners, Alliance researchers have been supporting countries to improve farming by making it more resilient and profitable through smarter and more sustainable resource management. 

Through our research on crops, we address unhealthy diets - the main cause of malnutrition affecting the health and well-being of billions of people globally. By providing science-based evidence, we make tangible contributions to the prosperity, resilience, and nutrition of vulnerable people across the world.   

Through a variety of initiatives including the enhancement of key staples through biofortification, the integration of gender-responsive participatory approaches for crop improvement and the use of precision breeding, we are building innovative links between consumers, producers, plant breeders, and health specialists.

Researchers at the Alliance work towards our ultimate goal of making food and agriculture systems more sustainable, efficient and inclusive through research-based solutions and inclusive knowledge generation. 

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crops, beans icon Beans have been central to the diet of millions of people across the world for thousands of years. They are an important source of both nutrition and income globally. In 1996, an international network of bean researchers was established. Since then, our research on beans has provided solutions to challenges faced by millions of farmers, researchers and consumers.


crops, cassava iconTo improve the livelihoods of cassava-growing smallholder farmers and their communities, the Alliance Cassava Program co-develops innovative solutions for specific regions, farming systems and markets that boost farm productivity, enhance consumer benefits, and drive sustainability throughout the value chain.


crops, rice icon

Over the last five decades, the Alliance's rice program has been continuously improving rice crops, increasing their productivity, reducing their environmental impact, and adapting rice varieties to climate change, which has stabilized incomes for men and women who grow and harvest rice across the world.

Tropical Forages

crop, tropical forages iconFor farmers in tropical regions, forages can provide a reliable and nutritious feed source for their livestock, improving their health and productivity, thus increasing farmers' incomes and improving livelihoods. The Alliance's research on tropical forages addresses the challenges faced by livestock producers and crop-livestock-tree systems in tropical regions, and now - with the increasing impacts of climate change - the sustainability of these crops.

High-Value Crops


crops, bananas icon

Our research on bananas at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT aims to revolutionize banana farming by maximizing its genetic diversity, developing resilient varieties, and empowering farmers for a prosperous and sustainable future.


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