Natalia Triana-Ángel

Natalia Triana-Ángel, postdoc researcher in gender and social inclusion, works for the Tropical Forages Program at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT. Natalia participates in the design and implementation of gender and socially inclusive interventions in the CGIAR Initiatives: Sustainable Animal Productivity, Livestock and Climate, Mixed Farming Systems, Market Intelligence and the bilateral project Rutas PDET, aimed at promoting territorial stabilization for conflict-affected livestock producers. She is also part of the Gender Nexus of the Alliance. Her research focuses on the understanding of gender dynamics in rural households, the development of participatory research tools and the social and environmental impacts of generational transfer in livestock-producing communities. Natalia has relevant research experience in Latin America and ongoing projects in Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Laos). An anthropologist by training, Natalia obtained her masters and PhD in History from the State University of New York in 2020.

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