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Our Mission in the Philippines

In addressing issues along the nexus of agriculture, environment, and climate change, the Alliance in the Philippines is working with sub-national and national partners from the public sector, academia, private sector, and civil society to bolster resilience among stakeholders in the agriculture and food sector. 

Throughout the years, we have successfully delivered results and outcomes in the areas that cut across existing and emerging issues in agroecosystems, climate action, biodiversity for food and agriculture, and consumer behavior, among others. 


Ranked as the most at-risk country in the world for disasters in 2022 and 2023, the agri-food sector in the Philippines is facing increased threats of extreme weather events that are exacerbated by climate change. As a primarily agricultural country, about one third of the Philippines’ population are employed in the agriculture sector.

By supporting national and local partners, the Alliance is contributing to deliver decision-support tools for next users, financial institutions, and government organizations to safeguard farmers against climate and environmental risks, while having the opportunity to capture relevant lessons in improving climate-smart agriculture in the country. 

Thematic areas of focus

The Philippines’ agriculture sector faces millions in US Dollar losses due to typhoons and drought every year. With a limited budget on disaster preparedness and recovery, smallholder farmers in the country bear much of the brunt of these losses. Inherent vulnerability of the sector also affects the value and supply chain that affects food and nutrition security in the country. 

In the Philippines, we are specifically contributing to the following research areas: 

Projects and Flagship Initiatives

Direct contributions to our research areas in the Philippines, these projects and flagship initiatives in the country are creating positive impact in the livelihoods of communities in the Philippines.

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Our office in the Philippines

c/o UPLBFI Bldg, Andres P. Aglibut Ave, Los Baños 4031, Laguna, Philippines
Phone: +63 49 501 0581
Contact: Mylene Aquino, Country Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

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