International Climate Initiative (IKI) project: Implementing sustainable agricultural and livestock systems for simultaneous targeting of forest conservation for climate change mitigation (REDD+) and peace-building in Colombia

The IKI project engages with national and international public and private sector actors, stimulating them to include sustainable land use systems in their investment plans and business models. Thus far, the project has  : (a) informed the government-led Cocoa, Forest and Peace Initiative; (b) engaged 467 individuals (40% women) in the development of multi-stakeholder platforms, capacity building, outreach and knowledge dissemination; (c) acted as the secretariat for the voluntary agreement between Colombian public and private organizations on a zero-deforestation dairy value chain. (d) developed and validated one method for simultaneous targeting of land-based climate change mitigation and peace-building, and one method for targeting cost-effective areas for land restoration; (e) defined co-benefits and improved scenarios, prioritization of regions, funding mechanisms, and detailed GHG information in Cesar and Caqueta; and (f) published a study on the barriers and determinants of adoption of silvopastoral systems. 


A deforestation-free path to scaling silvopastoral production systems

Adoption potentials and barriers of silvopastoral system in Colombia: Case of Cundinamarca region