Debre Berhan, central Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the most agroecologically diverse countries in Africa, with an ambitious national landscape restoration plan, and a strategy to build a climate-resilient green economy.

Together with national research institutions, ministries, farmer organizations, and the private sector, the Alliance’s work has focused on mainstreaming research into the country’s development and research priorities, contributing to major Ethiopian development agendas such as the Ten-Year Perspective Development Plan (2021 – 2030), the Sustainable Land Management Program (SLMP2), the Food Systems Transformation Roadmap, the Climate-smart  Agriculture Roadmap, Ethiopia's Low-carbon Development Pathway Strategy, the Climate-Resilient Green Economy (CRGE), the Digital Agricultural Extension & Advisory Services Roadmap 2030 (DAEAS), Digital Ethiopia 2025, and a Livestock Information System Roadmap, ensuring equitable participation of women, young people, and other marginalized groups of society. 

Projects and Flagship Initiatives

Ethiopia is home to approximately 15 million pastoralists. To support the challenges they face with increasing drought, in alignment with the Ethiopian government’s priorities the Alliance’s has developed projects to provide near real-time water source monitoring, and information dissemination to pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. Drawing on international expertise and the world’s largest collections of beans and livestock forages, our interventions tackle poverty, food insecurity, malnutrition, the impacts of climate change, and environmental degradation. 

CGIAR Initiatives in Ethiopia 



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