Nadia Bergamini

Nadia Bergamini is an Associate Scientist with the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT based in Rome, Italy. Nadia is an Ecologist by training with 8 years’ experience as an information officer in the UN Food and Agricultural Organization and 12 years applied research, project management and extension experience in India, Nepal, China, the Philippines, Tunisia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Bolivia and Cuba.
Areas of expertise, participatory and field action research into sustainable production landscape management and socio-ecological resilience of agro-ecosystems and the transformation of production and food systems through Agroecology.
Nadia is leading the component on “Transdisciplinary co-creation of innovations in Agroecological Living Landscapes (ALLs)” of the OneCGIAR Initiative on Agroecology, working on how to implement and scale agroecology for more sustainable food systems in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, India, Lao PDR and Peru. She is also the leader of a project funded by the Italian Cooperation (AICS) on the use of agrobiodiversity for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the east of Cuba.
Nadia also co-leads the capacity building component of the EU-TRANSITIONS project working on developing inclusive incentive structures for private sector and private-public stakeholders, as well as leveraging investments supporting agroecological transitions at multiple levels. Finally, she is contributing to the OneCGIAR initiative on Nature Positive Solutions looking at farm and landscape planning and management to improve production and livelihoods through improved use of agrobiodiversity, soil and water management.