Blog A4IP 2023 Year in Review: Tracing a Journey to Impact 

A4IP 2023 Year in Review - Tracing a Journey to Impact - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

The release of the Accelerate for Impact Platform’s 2023 Year in Review marks a series of significant milestones in the pursuit of sustainable food, land, and water systems.  

For the Accelerate for Impact Platform (A4IP), 2023 was encapsulated by a deepened commitment to harnessing the Alliance of Bioversity International & CIAT and CGIAR’s scientific expertise and resources to co-design, accelerate, and de-risk breakthrough agricultural solutions. Recognizing that the potential for disruptive impact lies within the organization’s legacy for research and innovation, and the ever-growing capacities of its research centers and partners worldwide, the platform worked to ensure that the Alliance and CGIAR was positioned at the forefront of the year’s global agri-tech activity.   

The A4IP 2023 Year in Review relays a twelve-month journey through which pioneering initiatives, ground-breaking partnerships, and progressive milestones have been achieved in science-based innovation, bolstered by the steadfast dedication of the Alliance, CGIAR, partners, and innovators. In doing so, A4IP is operating as a leading player within the agri-tech space, serving our institutional vision for a sustainable tomorrow – sentiments echoed in the review’s foreword by Juan Lucas Restrepo, Director General of the Alliance, and CGIAR’s Global Director of Partnerships & Advocacy.  

“As 2030 approaches, our strategies to transform our food, land, and water systems must emphasize the importance of integrated efforts across research centers, partners, and beneficiaries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. A4IP leverages the Alliance of Bioversity International & CIAT and CGIAR capabilities, knowledge, assets, people, and global presence to upscale partnership-driven research. In this context, engagement with the private sector is especially important given the opportunity to leverage its resources, capacities, and networks, as well as to deploy innovation at scale.”  

Contextualized according to market trends in the wider agri-tech ecosystem, the review provides a panoramic view of A4IP’s activity in 2023, spotlighting key results and success stories across ‘Accelerating Innovation,’ ‘Nurturing Scientific Entrepreneurship,’ and ‘Partnering Strategically.’ For a taste of the content, check out our Market Trends, Innovation Spotlight, Year in Numbers, and Testimonials pages below. For a detailed and hyperlinked overview of our activities by month, make sure to refer to the review’s 2023 Timeline.   

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 The A4IP team would like to express our sincere appreciation for the invaluable support and contributions of CGIAR scientists and leadership; our project partners; participating innovators; and in particular, to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation whose support has been instrumental to our ever-growing impact.    

Looking ahead, A4IP anticipates an exciting 2024 with strengthened collaboration across CGIAR and trailblazing partnerships externally - all signaling a path for consolidated cooperation at the frontline of agricultural innovation.  

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The CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform is the venture space leveraging the Alliance/CGIAR’s legacy in research and innovation to co-design, accelerate, and de-risk investments in science-driven agri-food and climate-technologies. A4IP is powered by the Alliance as part of the ongoing effort of the Partnerships Unit to challenge business-as-usual and engage more creatively and systematically with the private sector and non-traditional partners; and works closely with OneCGIAR as part of the PP4I, serving as a market delivery mechanism for the development and deployment of innovations.