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Are you interested in water resource management? Would you like to be part of a network of professionals committed to sustainable water management in Honduras?

If your answer is yes, this information is for you.

In July 2023, the Agua de Honduras platform launched its Community of Practice, a virtual forum that brings together water sector professionals, students, and any of those interested in water issues in Honduras and beyond. The forum provides a space to exchange knowledge, share experiences and establish collaborations that contribute to the transformation of the water landscape in the country, and encourage the upscaling of best practices globally.

"Participants of the Agua de Honduras Community of Practice will find in this space a transformation in their approach to water resource management. As they join this community, they will be exposed to connections and shared knowledge that will provide them with new perspectives and tools to address water challenges," says Jefferson Valencia, Researcher and Project Leader at the Alliance.

Agua de Honduras - an initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) - is a government platform that provides key information on water resources free of charge. The platform offers data on hydrology, vegetation cover, soil properties and water demand, amongst other variables, which facilitates decision making on water management in micro-basins, sub-basins and watersheds in Honduras.

"Water resource management will be more effective as more efforts are made at the local level. In this sense, the Community of Practice becomes an engine in which several institutions work hand in hand, motivating other actors and increasing the number of users of the tool, thus contributing to a better management of water resources," adds Isaac Ferrera, Honduras Water Manager for USAID.


What are the benefits of joining the Community of Practice?

1. Dive in: Discover the full potential of the platform through experts' experiences, and stay up to date on the most important events related to water resource management at the national level.

2. Connect: Participate in an open space that brings together professionals from different fields, united by their shared interest in water resources. You will be able to exchange opinions and advice with other members who have similar concerns to you.

3. Collaborate: Start conversations, expand your network and collaborate with other members of the community.

4. Get inspired: Learn from the use cases and success stories of other participants, and become a change agent from your local perspective, contributing to sustainable water management globally.

The Community of Practice is a tool for empowerment through knowledge that not only strengthens individual capacities, but also drives informed decision making and the implementation of effective solutions for efficient water management.

Now that you know, what are you waiting for to join? Be part of the change in the water sector in Honduras and beyond!

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"The Community of Practice forum is a way for us to systematize and document experiences that others are having with the platform in other parts of the country. As the Community of Practice continues to move forward, we will continue to identify new uses of Agua de Honduras that will allow us to see the impact of the platform at a larger scale."

Nelson Mejia, UNACIFOR Professor and active participant in the Community of Practice

"The Community of Practice can help in connecting students or teachers with people already specializing in water resources. As a biology practitioner, I have used it to learn about the different uses and benefits of the platform."

Luis Osorto, Biology Intern at the Ciudad Universitaria of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

They have already joined our Community of Practice, learn about their experiences!

Project Coordinator