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Our mission in Honduras

For almost 30 years, we have worked in Honduras contributing to the transformation of food systems, improving agricultural productivity and increasing the climate resilience of smallholder farmers.  

Our innovations in Honduras range from the development of open-access platforms to promote climate-smart agriculture, and the design and implementation of methodologies for more inclusive business models and the development of key indicators (such as the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index), to measure the progress and impact of our actions in the community. 

The Alliance's main country office is in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, but we also have staff located in San Pedro de Sula, Danlí and Santa Rosa de Copán working on issues such as climate action, impact assessment, soil health, efficient water resource management and more.  

Current projects



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Located in the 'Dry Corridor' of Central America, Honduras faces high exposure to extreme weather events. These phenomena not only affect the availability of basic natural resources such as water, but also significantly impact agricultural development and food security for local communities. In response to these challenges, our presence in Honduras focuses on providing advanced scientific solutions through cutting-edge research and collaborative work with diverse partners.  

Thematic Research Areas

In Honduras, we work together with our partners on the following work areas:  

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Through the Mesas Técnicas Agroclimáticas (MTA) approach, we facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue and provide agro-climatic bulletins that offer crucial information for informed decision making and best practices for adaptation to climate events. In parallel, with our 'Digitization of Smallholder Agriculture' initiative, we develop low-cost technological tools to measure soil moisture, helping small- and medium-sized producers to optimize water use and maximize crop production. 

Natural resource management

We have transformed water resource management in Honduras through our 'Agua de Honduras' platform, which provides free access to information on water resources, facilitating decision making for efficient water management in 25 of the country's watersheds. Also, with support from USAID, we launched the 'Soils of Honduras' project, which develops digital mapping techniques to improve soil fertility and optimize fertilizer use. 

Food security and nutrition

In our mission to combat malnutrition in Honduras, we have collaborated with the Department of Agricultural Science and Technology (DICTA) of the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) and HarvestPlus in the development and promotion of 'Nutritious Honduras', providing biofortified beans that contains up to 40% more iron than traditional varieties. 

Food systems

We supported the creation of the 'National Profile of the Honduran Food System', collaborating with public and private actors in data collection and validation. This effort not only generated important commitments, but also helped formulate the 'Roadmap for the Food Systems Summit 2021' in Honduras, ensuring its effective implementation. 


impact 1

Efficient management of water resources 

Impact 2

Partnerships to create sustainable value chains with a gender focus 

Impact 3

Crop improvement to promote food security 

Imapct 4

Agroforestry systems and climate risk management 

Impact 5

Capacity building for adaptation and resilience to climate change 

Collaboration and partners

Our work and impact in Honduras is possible thanks to our partners and funders. We have experience mobilizing various actors from public, private and civil society groups around food systems transformation. 

Projects and Flagship Initiatives

To address the agricultural and environmental challenges of Honduras, we carry out several projects and flagship initiatives in different parts of the country.



Our Office in Honduras

Torre Agalta, Piso #18, Boulevard Morazán 
Tegucigalpa, Honduras 
Email: Vilia Escober ([email protected])  

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