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Uganda is a country that sits right on the equator. It boasts a diverse landscape that spans from 800 to 5,000 meters above sea level. This topographical richness bequeaths the nation with a tapestry of climates, fertile soils, and abundant water resources. 

At the heart of this transformative endeavor is the Uganda Office of the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, situated within the NARO Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute. Drawing from a legacy that encompasses the operations of both The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and Bioversity International, our partnership in Uganda has been instrumental in shaping the nation's agricultural landscape. For years, CIAT and Bioversity International have been working synergistically in Uganda, contributing to the country's agricultural development. This collaborative endeavor stands as a beacon of innovation, working together not only with the esteemed National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) but also alongside a consortium of partners. These collaborations underscore our commitment to the broader mission of sustainable agricultural advancement. Notably, NARO, which operates under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), serves as a vital anchor in our shared pursuit.  

In the East African context, Uganda's profound significance as the "breadbasket of Africa" and the cornerstone of East African sustenance cannot be overstated. This accolade speaks volumes of the nation's inherent agricultural prowess, an identity we strive to nurture and enhance. Our integrated approach resonates with Uganda's rich agricultural heritage, underpinned by the collaborative strength of the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT.  

Our Thematic Areas of Focus in Uganda

The Alliance is driving change through targeted thematic areas and impactful projects. Our strategies align with five critical thematic areas, blending innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability for a thriving agricultural sector.  

  • Food Environment and Consumer Behavior: Nurturing Healthy Diets and Livelihoods   

In Uganda, the Alliance recognizes the pivotal role of food environments and consumer choices in shaping dietary habits and nutrition outcomes. We understand that the choices people make daily are influenced by factors such as affordability, accessibility, and cultural norms. Through projects like DINU - Building Resilience in Northern Uganda, we are working to create food environments that foster healthier diets while ensuring sustainable livelihoods for farmers and communities.  

  • Climate Action: Fortifying Agriculture Against Climate Challenges  

Uganda's agricultural landscape is no stranger to the challenges posed by climate change. Our projects, like Neglected and Underutilized Species for Climate Change Adaptation, are designed to harness the power of biodiversity to bolster agriculture against climate risks.  

  • Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture: Cultivating Resilient Crops  

This entails making agricultural and tree diversity available and safeguarding it for the diverse needs of food system actors. In Uganda, preserving biodiversity isn't just about protecting species – it's about securing food sources and ecosystems. Through projects like More Fruit Diversity for Food Security, we are actively championing the conservation and utilization of diverse crops.  

  • Digital Inclusion: Empowering Farmers with Technology  

As Uganda steps into the digital age, the Alliance recognizes the importance of equitable access to technology. In projects like Novel Approaches to Banana Production, we're not only embracing innovation but also bridging the digital divide.  

  • Crops for Nutrition and Health: Elevating Nutrition and Well-Being  

The Alliance's commitment to improved nutrition goes beyond just addressing hunger. In Uganda, our projects like Bio-Efficacy of Pro-Vitamin A-Rich Banana and Rapid Breeding for Enhanced Nutritional Quality in Common Bean are designed to elevate the nutritional content of staple foods.  

Impact of Our Work in Uganda

At the Alliance, our commitment to driving agricultural transformation in Uganda has yielded tangible impacts and achieved significant milestones.  

  • Food Environment and Consumer Behavior: Through initiatives like DINU - Building Resilience in Northern Uganda, we've empowered communities to make healthier dietary choices while enhancing their economic prospects.  

  • Climate Action: Our projects, including Neglected and Underutilized Species for Climate Change Adaptation, have equipped farmers with climate-smart strategies.  

  • Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture: The implementation of projects such as More Fruit Diversity for Food Security has not only safeguarded biodiversity but also bolstered food security.  

  • Digital Inclusion: Our efforts in promoting digital inclusion, exemplified by projects like Novel Approaches to Banana Production, have bridged the technology gap. By providing access to innovative solutions, we've empowered farmers with valuable knowledge and tools 

  • Crops for Nutrition and Health: Our focus on crops for nutrition and health, as seen in projects like Bio-Efficacy of Pro-Vitamin A-Rich Banana, has yielded substantial impacts. By improving the nutritional content of staple crops, we've directly contributed to addressing the triple burden of malnutrition. 


  • Empowering Nutrition: Through our projects, we've improved the nutritional quality of staple crops, enhancing dietary diversity and addressing malnutrition challenges. 
  • Climate Resilience: Our efforts have enabled farmers to adopt climate-smart strategies, reducing vulnerability to climate change and enhancing agricultural resilience. 
  • Digital Empowerment: By promoting digital inclusion, we've empowered farmers with access to information and technology, leading to improved practices and increased productivity. 
  • Sustainable Ecosystems: The conservation of biodiversity and promotion of climate-adaptive crops have contributed to sustainable ecosystems, benefiting both agriculture and the environment.

Projects and Flagship Initiatives

Our work in Uganda has led to transformative change at multiple levels. We've empowered farmers and communities with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions.

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