Projects and Flagship Initiatives in Vietnam

Projects and Flagship Initiatives; Vietnam - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

Direct contributions to our research areas in Vietnam, these projects and flagship initiatives in the country are creating positive impact in the livelihoods of communities.

Food Environment and Consumer Behavior 

The Alliance continues to support local partners including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam in implementing the National Adaptation Action Plan for Food Systems Transformation through several undertakings within the CGIAR Initiative on Sustainable Healthy Diets through Food Systems Transformation and the ASEAN-CGIAR research programme. 

Through local academic and government partnerships, the Alliance is able to generate evidence and knowledge that contribute to improving diets of vulnerable populations in the country. 

Tropical Forages 

Throughout the years, the Alliance engaged in livestock and forages development in Vietnam, particularly in Northern Vietnam. Currently, the Alliance and partners are involved in the implementation of the CGIAR Initiatives SAPLING (Sustainable Animal Productivity) and Nature-Positive Solutions to achieve sustainable productivity gains and improve livelihoods in the livestock sector, while promoting soil health in forage-based systems. 

Partners in the Mekong Delta like the CATAS also works toward addressing issues in agriculture like salinization along the coasts. 


In promoting growth in the Cassava sector in Vietnam, the Alliance continues to work with local research organizations to create stronger farm and market links to improve local livelihoods and contribute to economic growth in the country. 

By working with local governments, the Alliance aims to provide capacity through innovations and tools to promote strategic direction and address issues that hinder sustainability of the Cassava sector in Vietnam.

Digital Innovation 

The Alliance is developing tools to provide near real-time monitoring of forest cover loss through Terra-I tools to promote solutions for strengthened land use management and forest governance, while supporting deforestation-free jurisdiction for key agricultural commodities like coffee.

Agroecosystems and Sustainable Landscapes 

The Alliance contributes to contribute to sustainable production practices and landscape conservation surrounding high-value commodities development in Vietnam like green tea, coffee, and black pepper, and valued tree species like the Australian Acacia.

Climate Action 

To build resilience against climate change impacts, the Alliance is working on a portfolio of projects that involve investments for climate change adaptation and mitigation and working alongside partners to develop relevant tools like digital climate advisories and bundled services for smallholder farmers in the Mekong Delta under the CGIAR Initiative Asian-Mega Deltas.

Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture 

Working closely in the implementation of the CGIAR Initiative Nature-Positive Solutions, the Alliance in Vietnam is contributing knowledge and expertise to the management of biodiversity with smallholder farmers to enhance local income and improve nutrition.