Melisa chatbot

Melisa chatbot is an artificial intelligence system, available on WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram, that provides agroclimatic forecasts in Colombia, together with yield forecasts for rice and maize crops, depending on the variety of seed used and the soil type.

Melisa obtains climate forecasts from the Aclimate Colombia service (agroclimatic forecast platform) and uses them to answer questions from farmers and citizens in non-technical language to support their decision making at the time of sowing in a simple and jargon-free way.

At the moment, the departments available for these consultations are Casanare, Córdoba, Tolima, Valle del Cauca, Huila, Meta, Sucre, Santander and Cesar.

How to access the tool

At the moment, Melisa is available on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Users must search for Melissa on these platforms or add it as one of their contacts. Once it is in your contacts, you can talk to Melisa through the chat applications of these platforms.

Whatsapp: Add the number +57 310 418 6995 (

Telegram: Add Melisa chatbot


In the future, the idea is that Melisa chatbot can be consulted in areas where the internet is of low quality, so the tool will also reach other platforms such as SMS (text messaging).

In what context is this tool useful?

This tool is useful for farmers and rural communities who need to access and understand weather and climate forecasts, and how these influence the production of their crops in order to make better decisions. This tool offers the flexibility to answer specific questions from farmers and deliver relevant information for decision-making related to the production of their crops.


Results will be included here as they emerge. If you use the tool and have results to share, please contact Julián Ramírez (below)