Press and News Kick off meeting of PERU-Hub, Peruvian Extension and Research Utilization project that will bring technology to the Peruvian Amazon

Tarapoto, San Martin Region: The Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), associated with Universities of Oklahoma (OU), Utah State (USU), Purdue and the Alliance Bioversity International & CIAT, inaugurated the PERU-Hub project, destined to improve the economic conditions of farmers in the Huallaga Valley, through building a base of knowledge in tropical agriculture and technology transference. This project will use research results and innovations obtained by universities, public and private research institutions of national and international prestige, which will also contribute with their broad expertise in agricultural activities.

PERU-Hub is the result of a joint efforts that began in early 2020 when a concept note was submit to USAID grant program entitled: “Program Bringing Research to Impact for Development: Global Engagement and Utilization (BRIDGE-U)”, funded the U.S government. The process continued with a successful final proposal approval in late 2021, for five years project with US$ 15 000 000. The actors of this winning proposal were The Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina through its Business Incubator (Incubagraria), the Regional Development Institute (IRD-Selva), the International Relations Office (ORI), with the support of USAID and the US the universities mentioned above, which specialized in the use of precision agriculture technologies, spatial information systems, food transformation and entrepreneurships. Incubagraria had a key role procuring the participation of external advisors for project preparation.

Farmers in the Amazon Region and San Martin within it, have limited access to improved agricultural techniques, new markets, and scarce opportunities for women and indigenous communities. Hence, the project will establish a university-based hub for research utilization to generate economic development through advanced technology transference in the areas of agricultural production, integrated production systems, postharvest handling, food processing, capacity building, extension, and entrepreneurship. This hub will be located in IRD-Pucayacu, Tarapoto.

PERU- Hub has established cooperative agreements with research entities such as IIAP, ICT and INIA, regional universities, NGOs, local government, and producers of the High, Medium and Low Central Huallaga Valley to join efforts and synergies in a participatory action approach, value chains and entrepreneurships.

PERU-Hub will serve as a model for national, regional and global center of excellence for advancing research utilization in the Amazon Region, consolidating The Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina as a benchmark for agricultural innovation and education in our country.