Blog Demo Day “Sustainable Cacao Innovation Challenge”

The Sustainable Cacao Innovation Challenge was launched in August 2023 to provide knowledge and opportunities for entrepreneurs committed to preserving forests and promoting peace in the cocoa industry. The overwhelming response—393 applications and 89 nominations—showcased a wave of innovative solutions, reflecting a strong commitment to gender inclusivity and youth engagement. 

According to Augusto Castro, senior scientist, leader of the Low Emissions Food Systems Research Group of the Alliance Bioversity & CIAT and leader of the IKI-SLUS Project in Colombia, "The number of applications we received demonstrates the urgency of supporting those seeking to revolutionize the cocoa industry in a sustainable way. We are excited about the potential we have seen in Colombia's entrepreneurs and the impact they can have on forest conservation and peace in the region." 

The two winners stood out for their strong business model, commitment and potential to make a real difference in the sustainable cocoa industry. 

Know the jurors who were part of the selection committee: 

Daniel Moreno, Portfolio Analyst de Rockstart Latinoamérica

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