Venture-Out with aCLIMAtar: Navigating the Innovation Ecosystem

Venture-Out with aCLIMAtar Navigating the Innovation Ecosystem - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

aCLIMAtar is an agri-tech innovation generated by CGIAR scientists at the Alliance Bioversity-CIAT together with partners at the Rainforest Alliance. What can their experience reveal about the challenges when trying to bridge technologies from lab to market? 



Join Venture-Out events on Wednesday 19 June at 3:00pm CEST for a presentation from the Alliance’s Christian Bunn and Paul Schmidt on the history of the tool’s development, the capabilities of the tool itself, and the new challenges and opportunities arising to scale it. Then engage in the Q&A Panel, featuring Julian Jantke from Arc Accelerator to discuss what mechanisms are needed to connect innovations like those coming from CGIAR with the right funding and implementing partners; ensuring their tool can reach impact at scale while still maintaining public and further research interests. 


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Venture-Out Events are a series of interactive webinars organized by the CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform (A4IP): a venture space powered by the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT to co-design, accelerate and de-risk investments in technologies for sustainable agriculture and climate action. 

aCLIMAtar is a platform that provides site-specific climate-change risk assessments with corresponding portfolios of priority adaptation practices for cocoa, coffee and tea producers in West and East Africa and Latin America. 

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