Paul Chavarriaga

Paul Chavarriaga is a Colombian Biologist-Geneticist, born in Bogotá in 1961, with > 36 years of experience in research in plant biotechnology applied to the improvement of tropical crops such as cassava, rice, beans and cocoa, among others. He began his career as a scientist in 1986 at CIAT, today the Bioversity International & CIAT Alliance, where he currently leads the Gene Editing Platform. 

Objective 4: Apply gene editing technology to rice for improving productivity and C storage through deep rooting ability and enhanced photosynthetic efficiency. 


  • Editing plant genomes using CRISPR-Cas9 for improving the nutritional quality and resilience to climate change for rice, cassava, beans, and cocoa 
  • Biosafety regulation of biotechnological crops 
  • Science communication in Plant Biotechnology 
  • Development of research proposals