Milan Urban

Milan Urban work as a bean physiology lead in Cali, Colombia. His interest corresponds to the interests of breeders and should reflect the product profile and stage-gate system. In the team, he works hard to invent new technologies/methodologies related to heat, drought, low phosphorus, high Aluminum resistances and soil compaction, waterlogging, and heavy rains as selection agents to screen for new ones one's resistant lines with the best mineral profile. He feels that the connection with Future Seeds is essential for the beans program as also a direct collaboration with breeders in Africa/Middle East and, of course, in LAC.
The most critical tasks he faces now are the deep characterization and conscient use of new species (lima beans, runner beans, tepary beans). In a team, he also anticipates challenges with climate change focusing on principles of restorative agriculture and new agropastoral systems. This implies he looks at different Phaseolus species from a new perspective as potential use as fodder, vegetable, and C sequestrating plants with broader possibilities of usage (semi-perennials) in harsh environments. If his work is successful, this depends significantly on the close collaboration with food system/diet specialists, open-minded breeders, collaborative gender experts, and others able to dedicate time to present beans as a perfect solution for the Future!