Luis Armando Muñoz B

Armando is a Biologist with a master's degree in Agricultural Sciences, with 25 years of experience in research for development. He has worked from Knowledge Management, acting as the "for", that is, as a link between research and development, in areas of science such as: Biotechnology, Climate Change, Participatory Crop Improvement, Tropical Fruit Trees, Digital Agriculture and recently in Markets and Advocacy in Policies.
He has participated in the formulation, coordination, execution and/or monitoring and evaluation of projects, national and international, with various sources such as the IDB, World Bank, USAID, Fontagro, international foundations, national governments in Latin America and the private sector, he has also led consultancies on Knowledge Management, adaptation to climate change and digital agriculture. His work has focused on guiding the development of technologies and solutions based on the felt and real needs of the different users and beneficiaries in Latin America, and ensuring that these technologies are adopted and appropriated by these beneficiaries, whether they are producers, professionals, entities, or governments.

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