Francois Iradukunda

Over the past 12 years with Bioversity International (Now Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT), Francois worked on various projects which arguably pursued research for development objectives. He contributed to several community and household research activities to generate a comprehensive understanding of farmer livelihood systems and community-based development with particular attention given to gender dimensions. He also participated in developing appropriate, gender-sensitive communication strategies and extension materials that support the scaling and adoption of agricultural innovations.
He holds a Master of Science in Development Evaluation and Management from the University of Antwerp in Belgium, and an engineering degree in agricultural sciences from the University of Burundi. He has continued to participate in professional training that includes Gender-Responsive Agricultural Research (GRAR), Research for Development (R4D), and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) among others. Development topics he is experienced in include scaling agricultural innovations, gender-responsive research methods, integrated diseases, and pest management.

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