Fabrice DeClerck

Fabrice DeClerck holds a joint appointment with the Alliance of Bioversity International & CIAT and the EAT Foundation. He leads innovative and synthetic food systems research using systems-based approaches to set clear science targets for healthy and sustainable foods systems. Using global targets, he works closely with multiple networks to drive uncommon collaborations between disciplines (agriculture, environment, health) and domains (science, business, policy) for food systems transformations.

His research emphasizes the critical role those agricultural ecosystems play in supporting sustainable development goals, and the role of agricultural diversity both in underpinning healthy diets, as well as sustainability. This same research has demonstrated that while agriculture is the current driver of increasingly poor dietary health and environmental degradation globally, a systems-based approach working across domains and disciplines can transform agriculture into the primary driver of health and sustainability.

Fabrice has regularly contributed articles to peer-reviewed journals spanning environment, agriculture, and health. He is a contributing author to the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food reports, and both Africa and Global IPBES Assessments.