Duvan Pineda Castro

I am a proactive and passionate mechatronics engineer with a keen interest in developing technological solutions that significantly improve the research process, particularly in the field of agriculture. Throughout my tenure at the Alliance as a research associate (since 2019), I have designed and built innovative equipment tailored for the manipulation of physiological variables. In addition, I have spearheaded the deployment of state-of-the-art automated monitoring and control systems in various domains, including greenhouses, growth chambers, and hatchery facilities.

My developments have been equipped with cost-effective Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which facilitate seamless remote accessibility for users. This allows them to connect in real-time to their experiments and receive personalized alerts. My aspirations coincide with the overall goals of the Alliance, which encompass the empowerment of scientific and technical professionals around the world through access to new technologies. I hope to contribute with my work to the objectives of the Alliance, to contribute to the strengthening of skills and results in research with access to new technologies to scientists, technicians, and farmers around the world; as well as to demonstrate the great capabilities of Colombian talent in the field of technological innovation.

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