Carlos Andrés Rodríguez Plazas

Carlos Rodríguez is a Researcher at the Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT, based in Cali, Colombia, as part of the global Food Environment and Consumer Behavior team.
His work focuses on supporting the initiatives of rural organizations to develop products required by the markets that can recognize added value for environmental and economic sustainability through value chains with poverty reduction.
He has been working on development and research projects, applied to the Adaptation and Mitigation of the effects of Climate Change in forests and agriculture, Land use Planning, Participatory Ecological Restoration, Forest Governance, Payment for Environmental or Ecosystem Services - PSE, Value Chains Analysis, and Profitability and Economic Valuation of Forestry and agroforestry systems.
Recently, has been working in the Food Systems Transformation Hubs and Improving Cocoa and Coffee Systems through Innovations and Partnerships sub levers as well as innovation projects and initiatives like Cocoa of Excellence, Nature +, and Rethinking Food Markets and Value Chains for Inclusion and Sustainability.