Tools for measuring the dry matter of fresh cassava roots

Those tools calculate the percentage of dry matter in fresh cassava roots, based on measurement of their density. The tool uses the equation from CIAT 1976 (Kawano et al. 1987), to estimate the percentage of dry matter of a cassava sample. For that, it is necessary to record the exact weight of a sample of cassava roots in air (approximately 5 kg), then the weight of this same sample submerged in water.

There are three versions of the application: a web tool (in English and Spanish), a native android application (in Spanish) and a prototype of a digital scale programmed with the equation (this prototype is currently only available in the Colombian market).

As part of the Yuca País project, three workshops were held in July 2022 in the Sucre, Córdoba, and Bolivar - Colombian regions. In these workshops, more than 250 cassava producers were trained in the use of these tools for measuring the dry matter of cassava roots.

As there are different equations and methods to measure dry matter, the scientific reliability of the mathematical model developed by the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT can be used as an articulator between producers and industry. And the tools developed can enhance this interaction and commercial confidence.

Access the tool

Native Android App

In what context is this tool useful?

This tool is useful for:

  • Researchers: practical for quick calculation of the dry matter parameter needed in cassava breeding processes.
  • Cassava producers: useful to control the quality of their crops.
  • Industry: The dry matter parameter (and/or starch content percentage) is used by some starch processing industries as a mechanism for measuring raw material quality and defining purchase price.

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