Blog Website launch for free e-courses on banana plant health

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT is launching a new website to provide free online courses on banana plant health and disease management. The courses are developed within the scope of the OneCGIAR ‘Plant Health Initiative’, providing accessible and practical knowledge towards effective banana disease management.

The first available course is on Xanthomonas wilt of banana (BXW). BXW affects smallholder farmers across East and Central Africa, impacting food security and causing livelihood losses. The course has a strong focus on the practical implementation of BXW disease management, including prevention and control, whilst providing enough background information on disease epidemiology to help understand how and why disease management practices work.

Our target audience include proactive banana farmers, extension officers, young researchers and international partner organizations. As such, the training content is developed to be easily accessible within a short time frame, by
•    presenting current scientific research in laymans terms,
•    combining reading material with training videos and short quizzes,
•    digestible within approximately 2 hours. For trainees with limited time, a fast-track version is available taking 30 minutes.
Currently, the course is available in English and in French.

Discover banana plant health courses today on!