Blog Celebrating World Science Day for Peace and Development 2023: Building Trust in Science

Celebrating World Science Day for Peace and Development 2023: Building Trust in Science - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform (A4IP) celebrates the World Science Day for Peace and Development, established by UNESCO in 2001 to enforce the commitment made at the 1999 UNESCO-ICSU World Conference on Science. In 2023, the day's theme is "Fostering Trust in Science," emphasizing the critical role trust plays in harnessing the power of science for global challenges and societal well-being. 

Trust in science is a profound and complex issue with far-reaching consequences. It influences not only how scientists work but also shapes society's perception of science itself. Trust in science is the driving force behind the development and implementation of evidence-based solutions to the world's most pressing issues. It forms the foundation of science-informed policy decisions and garners society's support for their execution. In this context, innovative technologies are poised to revolutionize various sectors and improve the lives of people around the world. These innovations hold tremendous potential for addressing some of our most pressing global challenges, such as climate change, public health, and food security. They are a testament to the unity and strength of the scientific community in addressing global issues. 

Efforts to foster trust in science should include:

  1. Promoting Collaboration and Partnerships: Collaborative approaches bring together experts from various fields, fostering interdisciplinary cooperation. This multi-perspective approach is crucial for building trust and demonstrating the unity of the scientific community in addressing global issues. 

  1. Facilitating Knowledge-Sharing: Encouraging knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs promotes open dialogue and shared insights, making the scientific process more transparent and accessible, thereby building trust. 

  1. Valuing Existing Science-Based Innovation: Supporting ongoing science-based innovation while mitigating risks for pioneering research through funding visionary teams and their scientific creativity facilitates breakthroughs that have the potential to reshape our world and drive positive change on a global scale. 

  1. Nurturing Scientific Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems: Connecting the scientific community with the broader innovation ecosystem stimulates exchange and fosters partnerships that enable novel pathways to impact. 

As we celebrate World Science Day for Peace and Development in 2023, we recognize the pivotal role trust plays in unlocking science's potential. A4IP, through projects like the Sustainable Cocoa Innovation Challenge, is dedicated to building a future where peace and development can thrive, supported by scientific ingenuity and technological progress. Together, we can bridge the gap between science and society and pave the way for science-based solutions to global challenges. Trust in science is the key to a brighter, more peaceful, and sustainable world.