Press and News Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT – World Economic Forum agreement focuses on the Food Action Alliance and Food Innovation Hubs, starting in Latin America

The Alliance and the WEF signed an agreement for five years to operate the Food Action Alliance and its flagships across the globe, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT signed an agreement with the World Economic Forum that enables the Alliance to manage initiatives under the Food Action Alliance, a movement led by the World Economic Forum for transforming sustainable food systems.  

The Alliance would establish and manage initiatives in Latin America, the Caribbean, and other regions under the Food Action Alliance to boost the transformation of food systems, facilitating and scaling up multi-stakeholder flagship initiatives in specific countries mostly with multi-national companies such as Bayer, Microsoft, PepsiCo, AB InBev; among others. 

The Food Action Alliance will continue to grow initiatives such as Food Innovation Hubs in Latin America as well as Africa and Southeast Asia, expanding flagships and bringing multi-national companies that are committed to food system transformation. 

Photo courtesy of WEF