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Strategic Performance Evaluation

Foresight and Applied Economics for Impact

The team highlights the importance of keeping up to date with new information, tools and analytical methods that facilitate a sound documentation of the Alliance Bioversity and CIAT and its partners’ research outcomes and impacts. By implementing a variety of research activities, the team contributes to better understanding the enabling environment for generating the maximum benefits for farmers and communities because of diverse types of innovations.

Foresight, priority setting

Strategic foresight, forward-looking views and analyses of alternative future scenarios enable the Alliance and its levers to make informed decisions and set directions in response to anticipated change. The team outlines trends and provides analyses of the major drivers of change (e.g., consumption shift, adoption of innovations, market conditions, institutional context) nudging research agenda and positioning the Alliance externally.

Measuring Impact

The Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT has a long tradition of documenting development outcomes and impacts associated to its contribution to developing innovative solutions to important challenges in the food systems. Continue applying new tools and methods for outcome and impact evaluation presents an important opportunity for the Alliance to better measure and understand its work, and enable other actors to be more effective. The unit will embrace different ways of measuring and documenting impacts of the Alliance’s work and influence the development discourse and framing in a more active way.

Applied Economics

The Applied Economics team specializes in various econometric and statistical methods, complemented with simulation analyses, and qualitative methods to implement a variety of rigorous socioeconomic studies in the fields of development, agriculture, nutrition, markets, and environment.