AgriTech4Kenya Consultation Workshop & Launch

AgriTech4Kenya Consultation Workshop & Launch - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

This initiative is organized by the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT in collaboration across CGIAR research centers, and is powered by the CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform, CGIAR Excellence in Agronomy Initiative, and Briter Bridges

Kenya consistently imports more than USD 1.1 billion worth of food each year. In 2022 alone, food imports rose from 13.4% to 15.5%. This marks a notable paradox given the country’s abundant fertile land. The heavy reliance on imports, coupled with the ever-growing challenges of climate change, poses significant obstacles to Kenya's food security and economic and agricultural development. Water scarcity is a particularly critical impediment to Kenyan agriculture, with prolonged dry seasons severely minimizing yields and subsequently affecting both livelihoods and food security. Additionally, the dominance of traditional agricultural practices grapples with resource constraints and yield inconsistencies and exacerbate productivity shortfalls. With 15 research centers globally, a network of over 9,000 scientists, researchers, technicians and staff, and Impact Areas in ‘Nutrition, Health and Food Security’ and ‘Climate Adaptation and Mitigation’, CGIAR is strategically positioned to address Kenya’s critical challenges. 

The Government of Kenya's initiatives – including the Big 4 Agenda and the Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy within the Vision 2030 – underscore the imperative for research-driven innovation to bolster food security and climate resilience. The transition towards sustainable agricultural practices necessitates the harmonious integration of science-based innovations, equitable finance, improved market access, and capacity building within the agritech ecosystem.  

In this context, the AgriTech4Kenya Innovation Challenge 2024 has been designed to catalyze agrifood systems transformation in Kenya by supporting the development, deployment, adoption, and scalability of high-impact, country-relevant science-based agritech solutions. 

The Consultation Workshop & Launch sets the stage for a pivotal dialogue among key stakeholders, including government officials, academicians, researchers, incubators, accelerators, venture funds, startups, and farmers, to explore and enhance the agrifood and climate-tech innovation landscape in Kenya. 

The workshop aims to: 

  • Encourage Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue: Foster discussions on the transformative impact of agri-food and climate-tech innovations in addressing climate and market challenges impacting food security in Kenya. 

  • Bridge Research and Innovation: Create synergies between cutting-edge research, technology, and entrepreneurship to enhance the scalability and efficiency of agritech solutions, thereby enriching the agrifood and climate-tech innovation landscape in Kenya. 

  • Tailor the AgriTech4Kenya Innovation Challenge 2024: Validating information collected during the project Assessment & Design phase and ultimately serve to refine the key priority areas for the scouting of demand-driven innovations/solutions. The event will adopt a participatory approach to ensuring the process is beneficiary-centered, context-specific, and solutions-oriented. 

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The plenary sessions will be made available for online participants from 09:00-11:30 (GMT+3).





Registration & Networking Breakfast 




  • Kevin Dowling, Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist, CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform 



Opening Remarks 

  • Maya Rajasekharan, Managing Director, Africa, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT 

  • Prof. Ruth Oniang’o, Founder Rural Outreach Program- Africa  

  • Prof. Tom Ogada, Executive Director of the African Centre of Technology Studies (ACTS) and Chair of the Board Kenya National Innovation Agency  

  • Ledama Olekina, Senator Narok County, Kenya  

  • Hon. Mithika Linturi, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development [TBC] 



Keynote Address: Closing the Gap: Bridging the Disconnect Between Research, Investment, and Adoption of Sustainable AgriTech Solutions in Kenya  

  • Christabel Makokha, Senior Director of Innovation, CARE Innovation Centre [TBC] 



Presentation: Empowering Emerging Markets: Leveraging Long-term, Inclusive, and Localized Collaboration for AgriTech Innovations 

  • Hangyul Song, Data Lead, Briter Bridges 



Panel: Scaling Up, Yielding Impact: Strategies for Supporting AgriTech Startups in Kenya's Economic Rise. What are the challenges and possible solutions? 

  • Moderator: Anthony Muhira, Investment Manager, DOB Equity  

  • Lucy Kioko, Regional Director, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture 

  • Sieka Gatabaki, Programs Director for Mercy Corps Agrifin  

  • Mandlenkosi Nkomo, Chief Growth Officer, CGIAR Excellence in Agronomy Initiative 

  • Malvika Bhansali, Program Associate, Pangea Accelerator 

  • Annie Wakanyi, Director, Global Government Partnerships, One Acre Fund 



Q&A Segment 



Presentation of the AgriTech4Kenya Innovation Challenge & Launch 

  • Gianpiero Menza, Senior Manager, Partnerships & Innovative Finance, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT 


Breakout Sessions Guidance  

  • Kevin Dowling, Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist, CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform 



Group Photo & Health Break 



Parallel Breakout Sessions [3 rotations, 20 mins each] 


Theme A:  Can AgriTech Unlock Kenya's Agricultural Potential? Exploring Context-Specific Solutions.  


Theme B:  Building a Supportive Ecosystem: How Acceleration Programs Can Collaborate to Empower Kenyan AgriTech.  


Theme C:  Overcoming the Barriers: Hacking the Challenges in Kenyan AgriTech 



Reporting on Breakout Sessions & Discussion 



Closing Remarks 

  • Gianpiero Menza, Senior Manager, Partnerships & Innovative Finance, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT 



Lunch & Networking