Finances - Annual Report 2023 - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

In 2023, the Alliance achieved a notable financial milestone by implementing USD 171.3 million, a significant increase from USD 148.5 million in 2022. Bioversity International represented USD 33.5 million, while CIAT reached a total of USD 137.8 million.

The annual revenue was distributed between CGIAR Initiatives for USD 56.6 million, Bilateral and Window 3 Projects for USD 108.4 million, and other revenue for USD 5.7 million. 

Additionally, our reserves by the end of 2023 increased to 112 reserve days – 141 days for Bioversity and 104 days for CIAT. Despite operating as independent legal entities, Bioversity International and CIAT have realized significant efficiencies and operational gains through ongoing harmonization efforts, enhancing the overall performance and effectiveness of the Alliance.

Financial Statements for 2023