Walter Ocimati

Walter Ocimati is a transdisciplinary Scientist working for the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT based in Uganda office. Walter promotes healthy and productive landscapes and farms. He has over 12 years of research experience and over 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications covering different disciplines, including the epidemiology and management of banana diseases, crop agronomy, analysis and design of farming systems, and characterization and conservation of the banana crop.

Over the years, Walter has gained interest in creating more suppressive and resilient farms and landscapes as a strategy for managing key biotic constraints using environmentally sound and human-friendly approaches such as the deployment of regenerative agricultural practices, agroecology and biological control of pests and diseases. Walter has a PhD in Production Ecology and Resource Conservation from Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands; and MSc in Crop Science from Makerere University.

Currently, Walter contributes to and coordinates research and development work under the Plant Health and Transforming Agrifood Systems of West and Central Africa Initiatives of the OneCGIAR, respectively, focusing on the management of banana pests and disease, and promotion of regenerative agriculture and bio-fortified crops. Walter, in the framework of the Coffee Farmer Income Resilience Program led by IDH trade and implemented in collaboration with private sector partners, is also involved in the promotion of regenerative agriculture in coffee farming systems of Uganda and Kenya. He focuses on restoration, conservation, and improvement of agrifood systems using multi-pronged approaches.