Thanh Duong

Thanh Duong is a Research Associate at the Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, where she works with the Global Food Environment and Consumer Behavior team. Her work focuses on the food systems research in Vietnam from design, and implementation to analysis. Previously an assistant to the Country Coordinator of Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) in Vietnam, she supported the national government and international agencies and movements in building sustainable food systems by ensuring the production, delivery, and use of healthy food that ultimately provides economic, social and nutritional benefits to all consumers.
Currently, she supports the research and coordination work for the OneCGIAR Sustainable Healthy Diets through Food Systems Transformation (SHiFT) initiative and Securing the Food Systems of Asian Mega-Deltas for Climate and Livelihood Resilience (AMD) in Vietnam.

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