Steven Sotelo

With over 16 years of dedicated experience leading innovation in technology, science, and research, I am a seasoned professional specializing in the dynamic realm where technology and science converge, particularly in implementing Climate Information Services (CIS).

My expertise spans software architecture, information management, and data analysis, equipping me with a versatile skill set to develop robust systems tailored precisely to the intricate demands of data management and analysis. Proficient in an extensive range of programming languages such as Python, R, Java, .Net, JavaScript, SQL, and NoSQL, I excel in delivering intuitive, data-driven solutions that facilitate informed decision-making and foster climate resilience.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of leading diverse projects across Latin America and Africa. These initiatives have enabled me to leverage cutting-edge technologies to redefine the boundaries of innovative applications in CIS. Noteworthy projects I have contributed to include CWR, AClimate platform, Melisa chatbot, AEPS, Ganabosques, among others.

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