Stephen Angudubo

Stephen is a seasoned agricultural economist with over nine years of experience in action research, economic analysis of technologies, innovations, management practices, decentralised experimental agriculture, program design, monitoring and evaluation, and gender mainstreaming. He holds a master's degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics from Makerere University. Stephen is currently leading the establishment of multi-crop on-farm trial networks under the 1000FARMS project of the Digital Inclusion Lever. The networks will support the integration of the 1000FARMS approach in on-farm testing of candidate crop varieties and new releases across the CGIAR – NARES breeding networks. Since 2018, Stephen has worked on projects integrating the Triadic Comparison of Technologies (tricot) approach for on-farm testing of roots, tubers, and cereals under Uganda’s National Agricultural Research and Extension Systems (NARES). He aimed to build a network of actors working together to create value (value networks) in developing and disseminating highly performing, climate-adapted, and end-user-preferred crop varieties and other technologies. Stephen is passionate about Incentivising farmer participation in on-farm testing networks and has expertise in designing and implementing strategies to achieve this.

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