Samaa Mufti

Samaa Mufti is a Climate Smart Food Systems Specialist at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT of CGIAR. Samaa has worked for several years in Pakistan’s development sector, spearheading efforts to integrate climate change and sustainability objectives in sub-national and national policy development and implementation. With the Alliance in Asia, she has localized the climate smart agriculture (CSA) investment planning framework in Pakistan to prioritize CSA investment needs and opportunities based on data mining, stakeholder engagement and assessment of economic feasibility and provincial policy and programming objectives. As part of the CGIAR Hub for Sustainable Finance (ImpactSF), Samaa is supporting the development of tools and methodologies for climate mitigation and adaptation risk and impact assessment. She is also supporting the implementation of monitoring, reporting, and verification systems to measure the impact of agrifood investments on climate change, food loss reduction and gender inclusion. Samaa has an academic background in economics and development management.