Romain Gautron

My research focuses on the use of artificial intelligence and digital tools for decision support targeting smallholder farmers. I have a strong interest in user-centered and integrated design of digital solutions that can enhance existing value networks. I am currently working on the "Croppie" digital solution that provides picture-based yield estimates and management decision support for high-value crops, with a primary focus on coffee. I lead Croppie development in Latin America (Peru, Colombia) and Africa (Uganda) on the behalf of the Alliance.

In December 2022, I was awarded a Ph.D. by l'Institut Agro Montpellier for the dissertation "Reinforcement learning for crop management support to smallholder farmers in countries of the South: towards risk management". My Ph.D. supervisors were Marc Corbeels (AIDA team, CIRAD), Philippe Preux (Scool team, Inria), Odalric Maillard (Scool team, Inria) and Brian King (Digital and Data Innovation Accelerator, CGIAR). Previously, I was supporting the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture.