Mulugeta Tilahun Melaku

I hold Masters’ degree from Addis Ababa University in Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management and BSc degree from Wollo University in Plant Science. I have more than fifteen years of research experience working more than nine years in governmental research center called Sirinka Agricultural Research Center and more than 6 and half years in ex-Bioversity International now, the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT International.
While I was a member of Sirinka Agricultural Research Center (June 24, 2004 to November 03, 2015), I was engaged in different activities such as: writing proposals, laying out different field experiments, data collection, scoring diseases on the field, conducting different surveys, crossing wheat varieties, synthesis and analyzing different data using different software. In addition, I was closely and jointly working with concerned governmental and relevant staff on managing and properly running the research activities in addressing the organization goals so as to help the rural community.
As a Research Fellow, Research Consultant and Research Officer, at the Alliance, I have been contributing in management and conservation of plant biodiversity mostly dealing with indigenous plant species by doing different field and laboratory experiments including crowd sourcing trials and promoting different crop and native tree species/ varieties on farmers’ field. I have been also participating in co-designing and designing of different research proposals, organise and lead different stakeholder meetings and workshops, performing different household as well as market surveys in different regions of the country, running different agronomic trials, participating in different breeding/crossing of durum wheat and barley activities and aid the project in native tree species identification and restoration which has high impact on landscape restoration in different agro-ecologies.

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