Maria del Mar Esponda

An agricultural engineer graduated from Universidad del Valle in Colombia with expertise in agricultural modeling, spatial analysis, data analysis, and social networks in R. I have nearly two years of experience working for the Alliance in the PISA-FAE area, where I have had the opportunity to develop impact evaluation projects for cassava scientific production by approaching social networks and identifying key actors with greater influence within the global scientific network.

Additionally, I have worked on cocoa cultivation in Colombia to promote fair and sustainable working conditions in agriculture. I have collaborated in the socialization of projects at the national level, highlighting and promoting the adoption of different outputs generated by the CGIAR related to climate change. I have studied the main initiatives developed by the CGIAR, evaluating and classifying their contribution in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation, identifying their different approaches and scaling potential.

Currently, I am working on greenhouse gas estimation studies at the national level, evaluating their main estimation methodologies. I am also very interested in advancing research on agricultural modeling within the framework of climate change, sustainable agricultural development, and sustainable food systems.

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