Luz Andrea Gómez Martínez

Luz Andrea is a biologist specializing in Molecular Biology, holding an MSc in Biotechnology from Icesi University. She holds experience in researching plant-bacteria interactions, plant growth-promoting bacteria, bacteria transformation, pan-genomics and phylogenetics, microbiology, plant physiology and molecular biology, in vitro plant tissue culture, and fluorescence and confocal microscopy. Currently, she coordinates the molecular biology laboratory within the Cassava Genetics Team. In this role, she manages the daily operations of several platforms within the Molecular Biology Laboratory, including the Manual and Automated High-Throughput DNA Extraction Platform, the Sequencing Platform using Nanopore technology, the Real-Time PCR Platform, the Flow Cytometry Platform, and the High-Throughput Genotyping Platform. Her responsibilities include designating activities, optimizing protocols and workflow efficiency, troubleshooting technical issues, maintaining stringent quality control standards and data analysis.

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