Jhon Larry Moreno

Jhon Larry is a researcher with experience in Food Technology and Sciences. He has a master's degree in Agroindustrial engineering from the National University of Colombia. Larry has more than 10 years of experience in scientific research on the evaluation and post-harvest quality of agricultural products in the tropics.

Larry has experience in the physicochemical and functional characterization of different botanical sources such as banana, plantain, cassava and sweet potato. He has participated in the implementation and validation of colorimetric and HPLC methods, to measure parameters related to the quality characteristics of starchy materials, such as the in vitro digestibility of flours and starches. On the topic of bananas, he has worked on the partial characterization of Germplasm banks from different parts of the world (Colombia, Honduras and Cameroon). Additionally, Larry has worked with elite cassava starches (waxy starch, double mutant and small granule), which have unique and particular properties with great potential in the industrial area. His contributions extend to authoring and co-authoring several high-impact articles and active participation in national and international conferences.