Jérôme Bartholomé

Jerome is a rice geneticist and breeder at CIRAD and is hosted by the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT (Plamira, Colombia). He holds a Ph.D. in plant genetics from the Institut Agro Montpellier. Jerome's research mainly focuses on optimizing breeding strategies using genomic tools and simulation approaches.
Before joining the Alliance, Jerome worked for three years at IRRI (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines). He is currently in charge of CIAT-CIRAD breeding program, which is focused on developing new rice varieties with high nutritional value (high zinc content) for Latin America and the Carabeen. CIRAD is a long-standing partner of CIAT in rice improvement.
The program's objectives are to: i) develop products (varieties) that meet the users' needs, ii) share improved materials with the partners of the national institutes, and iii) train breeders from partner institutions by providing them with tools to optimize their breeding program.