Jeimar Tapasco

Based in Cali, Colombia, Jeimar has worked at CIAT since 2010 on themes related to climate change and ecosystem services in the Andes. He leads a cluster of research projects that creates scientific analysis and research to promote technical and political discussion on climate-smart policy interventions. The research has a long-term perspective and aims to help Colombia adapt to climate change. At the policy level, the work informs Colombia’s National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change, among others. At the farm level, the research guides crop diversification, better resource management, and sustainable livestock practices. Jeimar holds a Ph.D. in economics from the National University of Colombia. 

Jeimar is currently leading the implementation of an ambitious climate change adaptation and mitigation project in the Colombian agricultural sector with an investment of US$100 million that involves the participation of 14 public and private institutions working on the development of new technologies.