Jacobo Arango

Jacobo Arango is a Senior Scientist with the Tropical Forages Program at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Lead Author of the 6th  assessment on mitigation of the IPCC and Deputy Lead of the OneCGIAR initiative on Livestock and Climate. His team focuses on nitrogen and carbon cycling processes in tropical forage-based crop-livestock systems with a particular focus on greenhouse (GHG) mitigation and improvement of resource use efficiency. He also works on improving forage quality characteristics and their impact on reducing GHG emissions from cattle. Additionally, his team investigates the role of improved forages in crop-livestock systems in enhancing soil health (including soil carbon sequestration).

Objective 1:  
Develop and evaluate through high-throughput phenotyping and field studies, deep rooted tropical forage grasses; and define the soil-root-microbe interactions contributing to improved SOC storage in tropical soils. 


1. Breeding and germplasm selection / Physiology of above and below ground biomass 

2. Biophysical aspects of C and N cycles / Root and soil microbiome 

3. Spatial analysis / Crop and SOC modeling 

4. GHG measurements / C footprint / C markets