Irene Mudiovo Induli

Irene Induli is a Nutritionist with The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, working as a Research Associate in the Food Environment and the Consumer Behavior Lever. She joined the Alliance in 2015 as a research assistant. She has since worked in various capacities including communications, planning and coordinating field activities, data collection, analysis and report writing.
Her work revolves around sustainable use of agrobiodiversity for nutrition, health, and livelihoods; and promoting nutrition sensitive agriculture for household food and nutrition security. She examines food environments to identify how they can be enhanced to improve dietary intakes and livelihoods. She uses behavior change communication to educate communities on sustainable use of locally available wild and domesticated resources for consumption of healthy diets. She also enjoys communicating research findings through oral presentations in both scientific and community forums, and blog posts.
Irene holds a Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Communication, both from the University of Nairobi.
Interests: Agrobiodiversity, Behavior Change Communication, Food systems transformation, Gender and Inclusion, Science Communication

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