Huong Nguyen-Mai

Huong Nguyen-Mai is a Research Associate at the Alliance Asia. She holds a Master degree in Safety, Health and Environmental Management and a bachelor of Public Health. She has more than 7 years' experience working on Agriculture related fields such as: environmental health, food safety and climate adaptation/mitigation.

At the Alliance, she is a Research Associate for the project "Applying seasonal climate forecasting and innovative insurance solutions to climate risk management in the agriculture sector in SE Asia" (DeRISK SE Asia) and the "Initiatives on Securing the food systems of Asian Mega-deltas for climate and livelihood resilience" (AMD). In this position, she coordinates the project's implementation at local sites, facilitate project's activities, support research activities such as data collection, literature review, and reporting. Her focus is on the development and delivery of Agro-climatic Bulletins in Vietnam with Digital inclusion and bundle services.

Before joining the Alliance, she worked at the Institute of Environmental Health and Sustainable Development (IEHSD) as a program coordinator and at the Center of Public Health and Ecosystem Research (CENPHER) as Research Assistant. From all the work experiences she had, she developed a research agenda with an interdisciplinary approach using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and grew her main interest in climate change adaptation and mitigation for Agriculture in Vietnam.

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